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Slide Gates

SL-3000-UL DM

  • The SL-3000-UL DM uses a unique, patented, dual motor feature. One motor opens the gate and the other one closes it, unlike any other operator in the world.
  • This allows it to function in less than ideal conditions, such as desert environments or heavily populated communities, without overheating the motors.
  • It is designed for continuous cycle high traffic operation on gates up to 37' and 800 lbs.


  • The SL-3000-UL is smooth and exceptionally quiet, the most popular of all slide gate operating systems in the U.S.
  • This 1/2hp unit can handle continuous cycles daily with gates up to 1000 lbs.
  • 1hp can handle gates up to 2000 lbs and 37' in length. It has a traveling speed of 12" per second.
  • Equipped with a 2 way ERD sensor and electronic shut off system along with other advanced features.


  • Gates up to 14' wide 350 lbs.
  • Post or pad mounted
  • Positive chain driven rotary limit switches
  • 115 v 1/2 h.p. 24 volt
  • Manual disconnect provided
  • 10 cycles per hour
  • Built in obstruction sensing device with separate adjustments for open and close.
  • Pre-wired to accept radio control, loop detector, photo cell, 1 button station and key switch.
  • Built in entrapment alarm.


  • Residential & light commercial
  • DC powered with built in battery back up
  • Synchronized close feature
  • Carbonate control box cover
  • Gate capacity: 800lbs or 25' in length 250 cycle per day


  • Residential & light commercial slide
  • DC powered
  • Gate capacity 1,500lbs. 50' length
  • Built in battery back-up
  • Soft start/stop operation
  • On board radio receiver (Holds 50 remotes)